What Should I Expect On Sundays?

We believe that your visit is not coincidental but divinely orchestrated to effect the change and turnaround you are due for. Expect to be exposed to the revelational knowledge of the Word of God, the refreshing of His Presence and empower for a life of fulfilment and of glory.

What are the service times for your church?

Our regular service times are 08:30 EST & 10:30 EST on Sunday's, and 18:00 EST on Wednesday's. Please check our website or contact us for any special service schedules like our Week of Spiritual Emphasis.

Do you offer online services or livestreaming?

Yes, we did offer online services that you can watch from the comfort of your home, but this has been temporarily suspended.

Is there a dress code for attending church services?

We welcome everyone, and there is no strict dress code. Most of our attendees dress in a manner that is comfortable for them, ranging from casual to more formal attire.


We encourage active participation in our church community. Please visit our "Get Involved" page on our website to explore volunteering opportunities and ways to contribute.

Do you offer programs for children & youth?

Yes, we have programs for children and youth. Visit our "Ministries" section on the website to learn more about our offerings for various age groups. You can also "Contact Us" for more information.

Are your services and facilities accessible to EVERYONE?

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible, and we have accommodations to support everyone.

Can I schedule a meeting with a pastor or clergy member?

Yes, you can request a meeting with one of our Pastors or clergy members. Please visit the "Contact Us" section to request an appointment.

HOW can i get updates on upcoming church events and activities?

Stay informed about our events and activities by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media.

How can I access past sermons or teachings?

You can access past sermons and teachings on our website's "Audio Messages" under the "Get Involved" section. We often post audio recordings for your convenience.

When do you hold prayer meetings?

Daily Covenant Hour of Prayer holds at the church auditorius at 06:00 EST

Daily Kingdom Advancement Prayer Squad holds at 17:00  EST