Special End of Year Thanksgiving Service 2014

The year 2014 was prophetically declared as the year of Exceeding gGrace via the strange acts and the strange works of God and that year undeniably answered to it's name.

Humbling testimonies of changed lives, healings, deliverance, changed lives, restoration and supernatural intervention in the lives of our members has validated Winners Chapel Toronto as a mountain where the glory of God is released with undeniable proofs, a factory of good reports, a school of exploits and a church the undiluted word of faith is backed up with signs and Wonders. Without any fear of contradiction, by reason of what God Himself was doing in this assemply, Winners Chapel Toronto became a living proof of the validity of the Liberation mandate of the Living Faith Church Worldwide Commission.

Highlights of the Thanksgiving Celebration

The year 2014 was loaded with testimonies. Dramatic change of status, showers of miracle babies, new home purchases and more. There was no better way to show appreciation to this great God. In a no-holds barred manner, the ministers took to the stage and celebrated God in a dance. The CCU were not limiting any movements as Toronto winners went wild in a dance offering all over the auditorium

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