10 "The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing" ► [Psalm 34:10 - NKJV]


Possibly written by David at one of the very darkest days of his wanderings, probably in the Cave of Adullam, where he had gathered around him a band of outlaws, and was living, to all appearance, a life uncommonly like that of a brigand chief, in the hills, Psalm 34:10 portrays the lion as violent ; and in a struggle, as well as being of supreme strength, but for all their teeth and claws, and lithe spring, the psalmist suggests that ‘they lack, and do suffer hunger.’

Lions are fierce, rapacious, cunning, strong, and full of the vigor of youth, yet they sometimes howl in ravenous hunger. This ever so crafty lion, the one who fills the heart of men with lethal fear, the same that is filled with sagacity and unscrupulousness, the bible says that they often come to want. This Psalm agrees that even though the lion is an emblem of power and self-resource, it is not exempt from lack.

In contrast, although these young lions do lack, and suffer hunger, the Psalmist is emphatic in his assertion that the children will be satisfied. The children here refers to genuine (and earnest) seekers after divine truths and righteousness, those who seek the Lord; by prayer, diligently, with their whole heart, and in the sincerity of their souls will never be in want of any good thing.’ A good career from a miracle job is a good thing!

Trusting in God is better policy than the craftiest politicians can teach or practice and in seeking after God, men may call them fools, but the Lord will prove them wise. These lovers of God will win where the world's wiseacres lose their all, and God shall have the glory of it.

David affirms Psalm 34 in a threefold witness of what the Lord does for His own viz:
⇒ He saves (Psalm 34:4-8),
⇒ He keeps (Psalm 34:7); and
⇒ He satisfies (Psalm 34:8)."


Career stagnation is one of the worst areas of affliction among church people. Undoubtedly, career and business breakthroughs is God's desire but the choice to attain it is all ours so in line with the testimony of Job in Job 1 and 32, to encounter career advancement of any kind, we must be a people that submit to God (Job 22:21), greatly delight in Him (Psalms 37:4), tune into the inspiration of God within us (Job 32:8; and remain thankful to God for all His benefits (Ps. 103:1-3).

This Miracle Job Banquet will be the one chance you have been waiting for, for a change of story

Come expectant of a touch from God that will impart unto you the power to get wealth; and be sure to invite and also reach out to the unsaved and bring them along for the service together with your friends and family.

The service times are 9:00am (1st Service) and 10:45am (2nd Service).
Jesus is Lord!!!

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