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Exodus 33:18: "And he said, I beseech thee, show me thy glory."

In Genesis 18, it was undoubtedly great faith that made Abraham to offer up intercession for a city as guilty as Sodom. In Genesis 32, it was also a vast amount of faith that enabled Jacob to wrestle with an angel. In 1 Kings 18, it was faith of a great depth that enabled Elijah to pray down fire from the heavens; but according to Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Moses request "I beseech thee, show me thy glory," was the greatest petition any man ever asked of God.

Besides requiring the greatest stretch of faith known, Spurgeon opines that Moses' petition qualifies as: "the highest elevation that faith ever gained: the loftiest place to which the great ambition of faith could climb; and the topmost pillar of all the towering structures that confidence ever piled".
What remains to discover is which attribute of God's glory Moses was requesting from God. Show me thy Glory: Man's greatest Stretch of Faith

In Exodus 13, we see the man Moses saddled with a difficult responsibility to lead a rebellious, self-centered, stiff-necked people through a desert, to the Promised Land. If Moses is to successfully carry out this assignment; he must of necessity have a very close relationship with God.

In Exodus 32, Moses went up to Mount Sinai where he had received the 10 Commandments, written by the fingers of God himself and In Exodus 33 after 40 days and nights, he descended to meet the people in a wild celebration. In his absence, the Children of Israel, desperate to have a physical god-figure had made a golden calf and did worship it as God. Moses is upset and in frustration and anger; he threw down the stone tablets containing the Law, breaking them in pieces. Understandably, God was displeased and was not going with them to the Promised land.

In the ensuing dialogue between Moses and God, Moses in Verse 12 requests that God would make His ways known to him, so that he may continue to find favor in His sight. In Verse 13, He requested that God would show His favor to Israel and in a third and final request in Exodus 33:18, Moses boldly asks that God will show him His glory.

Moses: Catching a Glimpse of God!

The Bible does not indicate that his first request, "let me know Thy ways" had yet been granted but the petition in verse 18, "I pray Thee, show me Thy glory!" are essentially the same - To know God's ways is to see the glory of God.
How be it, it is glaring that God head Moses' petition and in response, He was offering him a gracious manifestation. In Verse 19 the bible records this divine response:

"And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee; and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy."

Moses request was for a vast and near indescribable attribute of God. There was His justice (or severity), His holiness, His wrath, His truth, His mercy, His power, His character; and more yet in a still small voice, the Almighty responded "I will make all my goodness pass before thee."
God's goodness speaks of His glory and His greatest glory (and undeniably) the brightest gem on His crown is that He is good. Now this God was promising to make all His goodness pass before Moses.
What a petition, what a response!!!

You too Can see His Glory!

God's response to Moses guaranteed protection, honor, mercy, favour, an assurance of God's commitment to both Moses and the nation of Israel, and a deeper knowledge of the personality of God. As we get to the finishing line of this 21 day spiritual exercise, the big question on our minds should be"What if Moses had not prayed that prayer?" In this season of NEXT LEVELS blessings, we have a guarantee that when our prayer is answered, others will know it - even before we do. [Exodus 34:29] but we have to remember that a prayer that is not prayed will never be answered.

As we prepare for the Wonder Sunday Service, get ready to be supernaturally empowered to manifest the glory of God on the earth and be sure to reach out to the unsaved and invite them to service together with your friends and family. The service times are 9:00am (1st Service) and 11:15am (2nd Service).
Jesus is Lord!!!

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