SUNDAY 19th AUGUST, 2018

11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. . . Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength:" ► [Ecc.9:11,16 (KJV)]


Noiseless breakthroughs are the acts of God in our lives that are inexplicable but undeniable. They are supernatural breakthroughs without noise. However, Kingdom stewardship and obedience to divine instructions are the sure ways to getting to that realm. (Isaiah 42:7-9; John 3:8; 1 Corinthians 2:9-10).

Kingdom stewardship simply refers to one's commitment to kingdom advancement and enlargement endeavours. Stewardship encourages everyone to participate in the task of building the kingdom of God. and this areas of kingdom stewardship that can lead to noiseless breakthroughs are as follows:

Spiritual Stewardship – John 15:16/ Isa. 66:7-8:

These are actions towards bringing others to Christ and developing them to maturity. .As believers, the primary reason for our calling is to bear lasting fruit. We are charged with the responsibility of bringing others to Christ and developing them to maturity. Our rewards for this kingdom promotion engagement include Answered Prayers, Comprehensive Supply, Divine Empowerment, Divine Multiplication, Distinction in all areas of life, Long Life, Divine Upgrade, Divine Favor, Divine Protection, Manifestation of Divine Presence and more. All of the above is a definition of NOISELESS BREAKTHROUGH because the value of a soul to Jesus is worth more than all the wealth of the world put together. Soul winning is neither a gift or a calling; it is a choice. (Matthew 16:26).

Financial Stewardship or Kingdom Promotion Giving. – Luke 16:11/ Deut. 8:18

Kingdom stewardship is serving the interest of the Kingdom as a priority. It is committing to the growth, expansion and overall advancement of the Kingdom and one way of fulfilling this divine agenda is to invest towards the expansion of the kingdom.

Physical Stewardship *(or kingdom Addiction) (Psalm 102:13-16):

This refers to making available our skills to serve God and humanity and one of the most reliable evidences of conversion is when a person begins looking for ways to use time, talent, and treasure in service to the gospel. This testifies to the value one places on the gospel, that persons in this category treasure the God of the gospel above all. When we take pleasure in the advancement and promotion of the kingdom, by favouring God’s agenda in the church, He rewards you with unlimited access to noiseless breakthroughs. Serving in church across any of our service units is a perfect example of Physical Stewardship


As we prepare for the Noiseles Breakthrough Banquet Service, it is important to note that God’s instruction is the only pathway to success, so every instruction of the scripture is to be followed if something good must follow us. To set ourselves up for noiseless breakthrough, we can live a lifestyle of scheduling time to meet with God in the Bible and in prayers - as an individual and as a family, use our spiritual gifts to serve God and the gospel in our local church and consistently designate a portion of our financial resources for the church. By so doing the use of our treasure will become consistent with our most treasured priorities (KINGDOM PROMOTION) and guarantee us access to success without sweat a.k.a Noiseless Breakthrough

Remember to come to invite and also reach out to the unsaved and bring them along for the service together with your friends and family.

The service times are 9:00am (1st Service) and 10:45am (2nd Service). Your expectations will not be cut off in Jesus name. [Pro. 23:18]
Jesus is Lord!!!

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