SUNDAY 26th January, 2019

Perspectives on Impartation::

The word impartation comes from the Greek word "metadidomi" which means "to give, convey, or grant." It is essentially a spiritual platform for the duplication and multiplication of grace and connotes the transference of unction and anointing from a higher spiritual vessel to another (e.g. Moses to Joshua, Elijah to Elisha, Paul to Timothy).

Impartations are sovereign and will enable a recipient to do what they have not done before; or will ordinarily not be able to do. It can also be described as that "extra" dimension that enable believers to function in a much greater way in the supernatural; and paves way for the giving and receiving of spiritual gifts, healings, baptism in the Holy Spirit, blessings, etc, for the work of the ministry.

Elisha and the Double Portion::

The life of Elijah the prophet was undeniably a whirlwind of activity! From confrontations with the king of Israel, his adventures of faith at the dry brook and the widow's house, to his great victory on Mount Carmel; Elijah was greatly used of the Lord in his generation and had truly made his mark upon the earth. He lived his life in a whirlwind and as his life was about to end (2 kings 2:1), it appeared as if he was also going leave the same way he lived; in a whirlwind!

As Elijah's journey began, Elisha followed him with an unshakeable resolve. In Vs.3-5, the mockery of the sons of the prophets was not enough to shift his focus. In Verses 1-6, this historic journey of faith took them through four different cities (Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho and Jordan); and as they passed through each city, Elijah attempted to get Elisha to stay. This wasn't an effort on his part to hinder Elisha's progress; it was designed to test his resolve. Elisha remained unshaken. In Verse 8, when Elijah and Elisha arrive at the banks of the Jordan, we see Jordan also standing as a barrier between Elisha and his receiving what he desired. Rather than give in, Elijah flexed his faith and God parted the waters. Elisha received an impartation of the Double Portion because he did not back away from any obstacle.

“I'll have to give her justice. Otherwise, she'll keep coming to me until she wears me out”. - Luke 18:5 ► GOD'S WORD

The Persistent Widow: God Loves Spiritual Desperadoes

The real reason why God Luke 18:5 has an account of a persistent widow. The bible is silent on what injustice may have taken place, but this woman was on a mission. Maybe the man who molested her daughter was still on the streets; or maybe her son was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. We cannot say for sure but whatever it was, this widow was not going to take a no for an answer. She was so resolute and the judge knew she would circle his house until the day she got justice or the day she died.The judge knew there was "no quit" in this desperate woman.

As we near the finish-line of our 21-day fasting and prayer, the questions to answer are:
☑ Does the Judge know how desperate you are for that blessing, that breakthrough, that miracle?
☑ Are you desperate enough to pray through the night, circle the promise, and knock on the door of opportunity until your knuckles become raw or you knock the door down?

The persistent widow’s methodology was unorthodox. She could have, waited for her day in court as going to the personal residence of the judge crossed a professional line. It is a miracle that the judge did not file a restraining order against her but he did grant her justice.

This Sunday, Get Desperate for a Double Portion!

In Luke 7:36-50, Jesus honored the prostitute who crashed a party at a Pharisee’s home to anoint His feet. In Luke 19:1-4, Jesus honored the tax collector who climbed a tree in his three-piece suit just to get a glimpse of Him. In Luke 5:17-39, Jesus honored the four friends who cut in line and cut a hole in someone’s ceiling to help their friend and in Luke 18:5, Jesus honored the crazy woman who drove a judge crazy because she wouldn’t stop knocking.

The common denominator in each of these stories is crazy faith. People took desperate measures to get to God, and God honored them for it. Nothing has changed. ☑ God is still honoring spiritual desperadoes who are willing to crash parties and climb trees.
☑ God is still honoring those who defy protocol with their bold prayers.
☑ God is still honoring those who pray with audacity and tenacity.
This week is your opportunity and next Sunday service will seal it up with an Impartation Service

Come with all your faith, hungry for the Spirit of the Prophet in the house to rest upon and get ready to step into the New Dawn anointing, so as to take full delivery of your New Dawn prophetic package for the year 2018. Be sure to invite and also reach out to the unsaved and bring them along for the service together with your friends and family.
Come expectant and be sure to invite and also The service times are 9:00am (1st Service) and 11:15am (2nd Service).
Jesus is Lord!!!

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