28 "For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.." ► [Mark 5:28 - KJV]

Jesus: The Miracle Worker::

The gospel of Mark is undeniably a gospel of miracles. From the healing of the man with an unclean spirit (1:23-26), Simon's Mother-in-law (1:30-31), the leper (1:40-45), the man sick with palsy (2:1-12), the man with the withered hand (3:1-6) to the Gadarene demoniac (5:1-20), all 18 recorded miracles in the gospel of Mark showcases Jesus as a miracle-worker who took no “trash” from the devil; and was always in charge. As a matter of fact, whenever Jesus showed up in this gospel, devils had prayer points to pray about - (1:24/5:7). In Mark 5, Jesus is on his way to Jairus’ house to heal his dying daughter when a nameless woman, without any formal invitation, showed up and interrupted divine agenda.

12 Years TOO LONG, Enough is Enough!

Many of us may know what persecution is and a good number of us are well versed with the occurrences of unexpected events. Such was the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Recorded in Mark 5:24-34 and Luke 8:42-48, the bible records that she had spent all her money on treatments, from many doctors, and for 12 long years, nothing helped; instead, the blood issue only grew worse. (Mark 5:25)

One day, she heard about a man who had "healed many who had various diseases" and she made a beeline for Capernaum where this Jesus was expected to pass through. The fact that the bible mentions twelve years was to shed light on the scope of her limitations. 12 years of hemorrhaging means she was facing the risk of failing organs that was possibly going to find her slipping into a comatose state; whichprecedes death. The bible is silent on physical symptoms as she approached Jesus but it is obvious thatshe was extremely weak, her skin was pale, and her heartbeat was rapid; understandably straining to get enough oxygen to her body tissues.

By Jewish Laws, this woman was ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 15:25-27) and was not permitted to enter the temple or have any human contact. According to the Law of the day, anything or anyone she touched became unclean as well, but after twelve years of unending suffering, she was past caring - enough was enough!

Fed up with the affliction, shame, stench and without the luxury of influential advocates like what the Roman Centurion enjoyed, this desperate woman risked everything, (including a public humiliation), and pushed her way through to touch the helm of Jesus’ garment. As she struggled through the crowd, the facts regarding her issue was not lost on her but faith propelled her. When she reached and touched the fringe of His robe, the bible records that her fountain dried up instantly. She felt it. So did Jesus.

Who Touched Me? (Mark 5:30)

A lot of people touched Jesus that afternoon but only one person touched him in faith. When Jesus realized that virtue had left him, he stopped and asked “Who touched me? The whole crowd went quiet, but the same faith that empowered her to stretch out her hand gave her the strength to step forward.Falling at his feet and, trembling with fear, she told him the whole truth" (Mark 5:33). Her faith earned her a complete and instantaneous healing.

This Sunday, You too should be Desperate for His touch!

The body of Christ is filled with men and women who are dressed up on the outside, but messed up on the inside. These include men and women who outwardly praise and dance in church services but inwardly, they are bleeding from afflictions, betrayals, losses; and more. If this represents you or somebody you know, it is finally your season of change.

When the leper was tired of his condition, Jesus healed him (1:40-45), when Jairus reached a breaking point, Jesus followed him home and raised his daughter back to life (5:21-43), when the Syrophoenician woman reached the point of "enough is enough", her daughter got healed (7:24-30)... the testimonies are endless.

Again, the fact that this woman is nameless was to give us all a chance to replace the space with our own names and personal issues. Jesus healed all that came to him for physical healing [Luke 9:11], and next Sunday will be no different.

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Jesus is Lord!!!

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