SUNDAY 2nd June, 2019

Israel: "The Cry and the Predicament."

Burdened with the weight of slavery, the children of Israel cried out to God for rescue and between Exodus 4 and 13, we see God demanding for their release so they could serve Him. These verses of scripture chronicle series of events which included plagues and the death of all the firstborns of humans and animals in Egypt until Pharaoh was forced to let God's people go.

In Exodus 14,we see a sad picture of just how desperately wicked the human heart can get. The bible records that after the children of Israel depart from Egypt, Pharaoh decided he had made an error and wanted them right back to their enslavement. In Verse 3, he learned that the wilderness hath shut his former captors in and is excited because they're trapped and in the exact spot he wanted them in.

With Pharaoh and his men behind them, the red sea ahead of them and thick bushes on both sides, the children of Israel are clearly trapped. However, what God's people do not yet know is that God was getting ready to take care of their enemies once and for all, and in His wisdom, He was using this dilemma to bring their enemies together, out of their hiding places. Previously, most of them had operated in the dark and now, God was turning the light on; He was exposing every one of them.


Slowly they marched through the wilderness and all the while, and in a show of extraordinary and vicious military might and strength, Egypt was stampeding down on them. The children of Israel could hear the chariots rumble, they could hear the clatter of swords, and shields, and spears. As they prepared their minds for the worst, grumbling and blaming Moses for their misfortune, the word of God came: Ex. 13:13"...Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever.

Following divine instructions, the red sea parted and the Children of Israel began to cross the parted sea - on dry ground; Pharaoh and his men still in pursuit. (Ex.14:22). On this troop were the entire chariots of Egypt, six hundred chosen chariots - captains in every one of them, all the horsemen of Egypt withPharaoh leading the charge. Egypt undeniably had the taste of victory on their lips - Israel was such an easy prey. After being slaves for four decades, they didn't know how to fight. They were outnumbered, overwhelmed: they were the underdog - walking old men, old women, babies and children, all on foot.There was humanly no way Israel could match the great army of Egypt.


Only God can tell what victory song the Egyptians may have been rehearsing in their heart as they got really close to their helpless prey but in Ex.14:24-25, the tide changed: the God of sudden acts showed up in His characteristic manner – SUDDENLY!

Although Israel had no strength, no artillery or chariots, they had something Pharaoh had not considered: they had a God who had initiated their freedom so they could serve Him backing them. Right from when Pharaoh started the pursuit, God had been looking. He had been watching the enemy. He calculated his actions, and moves. He observed the way His people were being treated and now, He was taking it personal. The bible records that God troubled the host of the Egyptians and all of a sudden, they lost their momentum. Everything that was working for them was now working against them; God pulled the wheels off their chariots.

In the midst of the ensuing confusion, the light beamed and the Egyptians suddenly got a revelation: This is not their error, … not bad planning, not mismanagement or bad military strategy: This was God fighting for Israel. They attempted to flee from the face of Israel but It was too late, the God of vengeance had arrived at the scene! Suddenly: (Read Deut. 28:7)
Yes suddenly, Pharaoh, with Egypt in all of her military might, with all her pomp and splendor; Egypt the nation that dominated, and intimidated the Israelites for four decades, Egypt the nation that held them in slavery and bondage and made their lives miserable now laid dead at the bottom of the red sea.


Perhaps as you are reading this, you can resonate with the Israeli experience. It feels like you are surrounded and the enemy is coming at you from every side. If you are, this Sunday is yours for the asking! Right where you are, the day is already breaking, it's time for the morning watch and God has not only turned for your sake, He is taking your unending battles personal. Remember how the children of Israel crossed the sea on dry ground?
The reason was so there will me not footprints to remind them of the horrors they had endured in Egypt. In the same manner, in this season, God is NOT JUST set to eliminate all evidence of your past afflictions.What was supposed to be the worst circumstances of your life is getting ready to thrust you into a brand new glory, a brand new anointing, a new level of faith and power beyond anything that you have ever experienced before because IT IS YOUR Day of Vengeance.

Come expecting an instant end to all challenges and miraculous leveling of every mountain and perpetual hill, and be sure to invite and also reach out to the unsaved and bring them along for the service together with your friends and family. The service times are 9:00am (1st Service) and 11:15am (2nd Service).
Jesus is Lord!!!

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