Recommended Books for November, 2017

The Spirit of God said to God's servant - the Presiding Bishop of this Commission:

"The Word I have put in your mouth, the same commit to writing and I will cause the unction on the spoken word to rest upon the written word, producing the same effect."

Everyone is encouraged to visit the Bookstore to purchase the books of the month; we are all also admonished to read at least one of the books of the month, for every passing month

Understanding The Power Of Praise

Understanding The Power Of Praise

Praise is cardinal to the believer, because it is his cheapest access to the Most High God. It is also one of his surest access to the realm of the miraculous. Praise is also a preservative of the blessings of God. Blessings may come without it, but it takes praise to preserve the blessings. It is to one's blessings what salt is to meat - it keeps it from decaying.

Praise is not focusing on happenings, it is focusing on God's faithfulness. It is focusing on the efficacy of Scriptures. It is focusing on the integrity of God and the insight that you have received. This is what makes praise endless!

There is an encounter for you in this book! In it, you will be introduced to a new way of living - a life style of praise!

Wonders of Praise

Wonders of Praise

Praise is a mountain-moving force: High praise is the medium through which we provoke help from above, to level out the barriers on our path.

It is important to understand that God dwells in the praises of His people and we invoke divine presence through praise, which clears off every barrier on our path.

In this book, you will discover that praise focuses on the efficacy of what is written and not what is happening.

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