Recommended Books for November, 2019

The Spirit of God said to God's servant - the Presiding Bishop of this Commission:

"The Word I have put in your mouth, the same commit to writing and I will cause the unction on the spoken word to rest upon the written word, producing the same effect."

Everyone is encouraged to visit the Bookstore to purchase the books of the month; we are all also admonished to read at least one of the books of the month, for every passing month

        Conquering Comntrolling Powers

Conquering Controlling Powers

Sicknesses are real, oppressions and demonic operations are real but the confidence we have is that the power of God in us to conquer these forces is unimaginable. This is the central theme of the book as seen through every chapter that exposes how we as children of the light can live victoriously daily.

The author places emphasis on the kind of warfare we face on earth as he states “Our battles are essentially spiritual. It will therefore require a spiritual approach to have our desired victory.” He further makes mention in the opening chapter that the law of sin is the force that remotely controls, subjects and brings into captivity innocent sons of men.
The Blood Triumph

The Blood Triumph

There is an eternal purpose in the heart of God, to bring the Church to the level of victory that Christ ordained for believers, through the manifold wisdom He has revealed. The Church is moving from the realm of doctrines to the realm of mysteries - uncovering the hidden wisdom of God for technical victories on the earth.

Anyone who cannot see this move will fall a victim. Being sensitive to the movement of the cloud, is the safest way to move from Egypt to Canaan. The Church is moving, not to catch-up with the world, but to go constantly ahead of it. We have come to the wisdom era of the Church, where incontestable results become our evidence.

              Walking in the Newness of Life

Walking in the Newness of Life

Walking In The Newness Of Life is a pungent epoch-making presentation of Holiness aimed at tracing and trapping sin, so as to establish a trail of Holiness in our Christian walk. By prophecy, the end-time Church is programmed to enjoy unexplainable and unbeatable beauty, honour and glory as the arrival of the Bridegroom approaches.

Dr. David Oyedepo, in this book, shows how a believer can step out of shame, reproach and affliction (created by sin) into a super highway of holiness, purity and righteousness. It will also show you how to leave the wilderness and step into Canaan.

The cheapest, do-it-yourself answer to the issue of freedom from satanic oppressions and demonic influences is contained in Walking In The Newness Of Life.