Recommended Books for February, 2018

The Spirit of God said to God's servant - the Presiding Bishop of this Commission:

"The Word I have put in your mouth, the same commit to writing and I will cause the unction on the spoken word to rest upon the written word, producing the same effect."

Everyone is encouraged to visit the Bookstore to purchase the books of the month; we are all also admonished to read at least one of the books of the month, for every passing month

Turnaround Power of the Word

The Turnaround Power of the Word

SIn today's world, many aspire but few, negligibly few, attain. There are challenges to be faced up with everyday, they either make you or break you, you either overcome or be overcome.

True, there are problems, but there are victories too, and there can be as many victories as are problems in the world.
Satan Get Lost

Satan Get Lost

You don’t have to remain sick, frustrated, in reproach or shame. You have been called unto glory and virtue. So your name is glory. Your name is virtue. Not shame, reproach or pity. If you’re going along a street and they call a name that is not yours, does it attract your attention?

Satan is not omnipresent! He wasn’t on mount Carmel when his throne was being challenged by Elijah. Multitudes live under the fear of his activities. Even at the mere mention of his name, many shrink.

Through his vain devices, he has constituted himself into a threat. Note that he is a master-deceiver. He is nothing but a finished devil!

Walking in Dominion

Walking in Dominion

The whole earth is groaning under the wicked rule of Satan and his evil cohorts that have held them captive in every facet of life.

The world is patiently waiting for salvation, probably looking to God for help. He has sent them help already - you!
We are in the day of His power, the season for the manifestation of the sons of God! This is the much awaited time, when saviours shall arise from Zion, and through the many-sided wisdom of God chase the devil back to hell, where he belongs.
Born to Win

Born to Win

God has provided the keys to victorious living as it is in this book. You were created for dominion, you are born to win.

Your victory is closely tied to your faith. That is your foundation for victory. It is not faith in your ability, qualifications or any mundane things, but faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and on God’s irrevocable word.

Recognize that you are a born-winner, a victor by virtue of your birth and parentage. You are not expected to be defeated by anything. You are seated far above everything that is earthly. You are above defeat and failure.

You will be translated into a different level of victory as you receive the word as is revealed in this book. It is for you that it is written.
 	The Force of Freedom

The Force of Freedom

Until you are able to locate the Word, you won’t locate an escape route. Your depth in knowledge will determine the height you enjoy as far as liberty is concerned.

Friends, you can use God’s Word to sort out anything! Not just the one you have heard, but the one that has been revealed to you.

So, when we talk about the truth, we are not talking about intellectualism, nor are we talking about philosophy. We are talking about the revealed Word of God.
Anointing for Breakthrough

Anointing for Breakthrough

The subject and person of the Holy Spirit is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted in the Christian faith.

This book will change you! It has a dynamic supernatural force behind it. It will teach you how to use tested spiritual principles to combat failure, poverty and lack. It will open you up to a brand new world of achievement, fulfilment and abundance.

It will translate you into the glorious realm of sweat-less triumph. Dr. David Oyedepo, with the skill of a master, makes the subject of anointing appealing to all who desire a change, this book will do just that!

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