Recommended Books for April, 2021

The Spirit of God said to God's servant - the Presiding Bishop of this Commission:

"The Word I have put in your mouth, the same commit to writing and I will cause the unction on the spoken word to rest upon the written word, producing the same effect."

Everyone is encouraged to visit the Bookstore to purchase the books of the month; we are all also admonished to read at least one of the books of the month, for every passing month

Understanding Financial Prosperity

Understanding Financial Prosperity

The Church has been harassed long enough by poverty; only a deep understanding of the nitty-gritties of prosperity can turn the tide!

With characteristic clarity, Dr. Oyedepo communicates the mind of God concerning financial prosperity. He states emphatically that any Christian can prosper anywhere, the economy of the nation notwithstanding.

In this book you will also get to know that: Nothing multiplies until it is sown; The Word of God is God's highway to the world of wealth; Faith is our covenant access into prosperity; This book will deliver those secrets to you!
Breaking Financial Hardship

Breaking Financial Hardship

Financial hardship is a common feature of life that many can identify with. Families, homes, business establishments, students, and various other categories of people, can tell you about it. They've been there!

In this book, from Dr David Oyedepo, you will come to the understanding that, though financial hardship is for real, God has concluded all plans to exempt those who fear His name, those who will obey and serve Him. This book tells you all about it.

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