The Believers' Foundation Class!

The Believers’ Foundation & Membership Classes is a special forum put together to enhance the spiritual stability of all new converts and first time worshippers. In this class, all new converts, growing believers and those just taking a refresher-course get more light and understanding of the background from where this commission takes its roots.

In this class, students are made to understand:

  1. The Spiritual Base of this Commission.
  2. The Core Message of the Commission.
  3. The Rights and privilege (benefits available); and
  4. How to best raise yourself to contribute to the Mandate.

The are actually 3 Mandates that The Living Faith Church Worldwide carries (FAITH; PROSPERITY; SIGNS & WONDERS), each composed of 4 sections and forming 12 Cpillars of the Commission.
(Click for The Commission's 12 Pillars of Faith

The Winning Foundation School is for all new converts, new members and existing members who have not gone through the school.

Also, all who are yet to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues are to come that day to meet with Jesus Christ – the Baptizer.

The kick-off time is usually 10am on a Saturday.
Please Call the Church office or Check the Notice Board for Schedules.


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